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See Functions.


indicates that the function argument might be passed uninitialized, if it is to be passed by reference (i.e. X1f4_E4_POST_XSET is also set). It applies to those application defined types that describe a variable initializing method (line is set for the struct x1f4_datatype_type definition).

See struct x1f4_datatype_type.

The aime interpreters do initialize variables before their coming into use, save when they first appear as reference arguments flagged as allowed uninitialized. The uninitialized variables are still preinitialized (the link method of the struct x1f4_datatype_type definition is still called).

While the X1f4_E4_POST_FLAT arguments may come uninitialized, they should always be initialized after a successful function call.


indicates that the function argument might be set by the function and thus only a (non read-only) variable having the same type as the function argument can be passed for the argument.

See Pass By Reference.

See Variable Flags.