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3.4.9 Typeless Arguments

Functions may allow arguments of unidentified types. The arguments are delivered as the regular, typed arguments. The argument types are delivered in the same way the argument types of variadic functions are.

See Variadic Functions.

A function description in the struct x1f4_function_type definition indicating the number of arguments and their types is presented to the C routine supporting the the symbolic function as part of the extended execution context.

See Extended Execution Context.

See Extended Execution Context Definitions.

The typeless arguments may appear interleaved with the typed arguments. Pass by reference may be specified for the typeless arguments in the same fashion as for the typed arguments.

See Pass By Reference.

Variadic functions may too allow typeless arguments.

The typeless argument function definition will include the X1f4_E4_SLIP_LIST bit in their flag bits.

See Function Flags.

See struct x1f4_function_type.

The typeless arguments will be identified in argument types array by the X1f4_E4_SLIP type indication.

See Symbolic Types.