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typedef struct x1f4_variable_type {
    const char *name;
    int type;
    unsigned flags, length;
} x1f4_variable_type;

The struct x1f4_variable_type record describes symbolic variables.

See Variables.


The name field is the variable name. A valid C identifier is expected for the variable name, thus the first character in the variable name may be a letter or an underscore (_), while the rest may be letters, digits or underscores (_s).


The length field is the variable name length, i.e. the number of characters (not including the terminal null) making up the variable name.


The type field is the variable symbolic type. It may be one of X1f4_E4_BILL, X1f4_E4_MODE, X1f4_E4_REAL and X1f4_E4_TEXT or it may indicate an application defined opaque type, case in which it is greater than X1f4_E4_LAST.

See Symbolic Types.

See Application Defined Types.


The flags field is a bitwise OR of zero or more variable flag bits.

See Variable Flags.

Note that the variable associated value is not comprised in the variable definition.