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extern int x1f4_lock_indexset
    (void *indexset, int to, int from,
     const struct x1f4_linetext_type **convertor_store);

The x1f4_lock_indexset function attempts to construct a single parameter function converter to the to data type from the from data type for indexset executive objects set. It does so by iterating over the single parameter function converters collected by the composer_set fields of the indexset object, and trying them in turn. Upon success, it stores the address of the struct x1f4_linetext_type function definition at convertor_store.

See struct x1f4_linetext_type.

See struct x1f4_composer_type.

The function returns 0 for success, 1 for the inability to construct a converter, one of the defined error codes for failure.

See Function Converters Set Definition.