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extern int x1f4_step_routine
    (void *subtext);

The x1f4_step_routine function executes the next instruction of the program for which the subtext step by step execution context was created.

See Imperative Program Execution.

See x1f4_head_routine.

See Step By Step Imperative Program Execution Example.

The function returns X1f4_EX_LEAD_CALL if a function to be executed outside the interpreter control is next to be called, X1f4_EX_COMPLETED if the program execution completed, 0 for otherwise successful execution, a non zero value for failure.

See Execution Conditions.

X1f4_EX_LEAD_CALL returns mark partial instruction execution. No temporaries are to be disposed of until instruction execution completes.

The function observes the X1f4_E4_WALK_LINK bit in the flags attribute of function definitions.