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extern int x1f4_xset_program
    (struct x1f4_c1_type *c1_data, unsigned *flags,
     struct x1f4_indexset_type *indexset_data);

The x1f4_xset_program function sets the program parsing context at c1_data and flags as provided by the indexset_data assembled executive description.

See struct x1f4_c1_type.

See Imperative Language Interpreter Generation Flags.

The set c1_data fields are:

The set of generation flags stored at flags is X1f4_C1_COMPOSER | X1f4_C1_DDACCESS | X1f4_C1_EELOOKUP | X1f4_C1_SCOMMENT | X1f4_C1_TRANSFER | X1f4_C1_TYPELIST and possibly including X1f4_C1_SIDELIST and X1f4_C1_TRAVERSE.

The function returns 0.