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8 Executive Assembler

The executive assembler comprises a number of libaime interfaces concerned with making the aime application integration easier. The C interface described so far provides control and expressiveness, but likely it is on the intensive side for most applications. What makes it so is the rather large number of library interfaces and objects that need to be visited to assemble the aime executive (the interpreter and the aime available programming interfaces).

See Current C Interface.

The executive assembler helps with creating the executive objects and making the proper links between them. It does not change the parsing and execution of the programs, it only shortens the path to it.

See Imperative Language Interpreter.

See Procedural Language Interpreter.

Applications using the executive assembler are to collect their specific concerns and use the assembler to turn these concerns in the required list of executive objects. The assembler also provides the means to dispose of the objects list when done.

The assembler executive is a new and experimental interface. Its description is likely incomplete. Where lacking, the provided examples may be used as an alternate source of information.