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13.1 Plain Consolidated Disposal Manager

Consolidated objects disposal is an interesting alternative to the default libaime immediate objects disposal policy. While the main of the aime executive is not doing consolidated disposal by itself, most of its constituents are able to observe an application indicated disposal manager.

See Consolidated Disposal.

The libaime included consolidated disposal manager is plain, simple and integrates easily both the application and the aime executive proper. It is also configurable enough and flexible enough to fit many consolidated disposal strategies.

See Consolidated Disposal Manager Construct.

The disposal manager maintains an objects set, against which objects may be registered for consolidated disposal (in fact, for reachability determination, with only those no longer reachable being disposed of). A maximum size is defined for the set. Once the set size matches the maximum allowed size, the objects in the set are processed.

The application is required to explicitely trigger the set processing once the program execution completes.