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6.9 Variadics

aime functions may allow an indefinite number of extra arguments of indefinite type. The extra arguments admission is indicated by a triple dot in the function definitions/declarations (just like in C).

See Procedural Language Syntax.

The extra arguments may be accessed by position.

See Positional Arguments Access.

The procedural interpreter may not allow variadic functions if the positional arguments access is not available.

The extra arguments will be passed as references if they qualify to pass by reference, i.e. they are (non read only) variables, and if the function definition indicates that such pass is desired, i.e. the triple dot is preceded by the ‘&’ sign.

Pass by reference for the optional arguments is an incidental feature of aime, an extension of the pass by reference of the C defined variadic functions. It is experimental and it may appear incomplete (for once, the variadic reference arguments cannot be further passed by reference, only by value).