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extern int x1f4_auto_node
    (struct x1f4_frame_type *frame, struct x1f4_track_type *track,
     struct x1f4_nodetype_type *nodetype, const void *input, void *output);

The x1f4_auto_node function references (retains) the object that has its address stored at input, stores its address at output and arranges for the object to be dereferenced (released) at a later time (presumably when the temporaries attached to the expression being evaluated are collected). The frame temporaries allocator is used for the memory allocation and the track error reporter for reporting failures. The references object is assumed described by the nodetype data type definition record. The lead method is assumed available for nodetype and used, ditto for slip.

See Temporaries.

See struct x1f4_frame_type.

See struct x1f4_track_type.

See struct x1f4_nodetype_type.

The function returns 0 for success, non zero for failure.