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extern int x1f4_deck_e4ll
    (void *e4ll, void **back, int (**call)(void **));

The x1f4_deck_e4ll function sets back and call for tempories deallocation for the e4ll hierarchical resource allocation manager.

Whenever temporaries are to be freed, the application would call the function indicated by the pointer stored at call with the (instant temporaries collector) pointer stored at back as arguments, in this order. It would return 0 for success, one of the error class codes for failure.

See Error Classes.

The instant temporaries collector address is the same as the one retrieved by x1f4_fast_e4ll. The temporaries collection method address does not change for the same construction attributes of the hierarchical resource allocation manager.

See x1f4_fast_e4ll.

See x1f4_init_e4ll.

The function returns 0.