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extern int x1f4_dump_type
    (void *data, int (*this)(void *, const char *, unsigned), int type,
     const struct x1f4_eelookup_type *eelookup);

The x1f4_dump_type functions assembles the type name/description for the type symbolic type by calling the this method with data as its first argument and the address and the length of the string for each of the strings making up the type name/description as its second and third arguments. data is not further interpreted. The struct x1f4_eelookup_type record at the eelookup address is used in looking up non intrinsic types.

See Symbolic Types.

See struct x1f4_eelookup_type.

The this method is expected to return 0 for success, non zero for failure.

The function can assemble complex type descriptions such as function pointer descriptions. For non complex type descriptions the function is trivial.

See Function Pointers.

If the function can identify the type, it will surround its description with quotes (a leading ‘`’ back quote and a trailing ‘'’ forward quote). Otherwise, the description (a descriptive text of sorts) will not include any quote characters.

The x1f4_dump_type function returns 0 for success, non zero for failure.