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extern int x1f4_inIt_expression
    (void **x1f4_expression, const char **expression, unsigned flags,
     const struct x1f4_attributes_type *attributes);

The x1f4_inIt_expression function constructs the parsed expression representation from its textual representation of which address is stored at the address pointed to by expression in the interpretation context described by flags and attributes and stores the result at the address pointed to by x1f4_expression.

See Generation Flags.

See struct x1f4_attributes_type.

The function returns 0 for success, one of the defined error codes for failure.

See Errors.

When successful, the x1f4_inIt_expression function overwrites the *expression address of the first character in the expression textual representation with the address of the character following the last logical character in the expression textual representation. Depending on the indicated expression completion syntax the character pointed to by *expression after the function call may be the terminator character or the unmatched closing parenthesis.

See Completions.

See Expression Syntax.