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extern int x1f4_lock_lxcast
    (const void *lxcast, int to, int from,
     const struct x1f4_linetext_type **convertor_store);

The x1f4_lock_lxcast function constructs implicit convertors to and from the object data type. If one of to and from matches the ‘object’ type id as stored by the lxcast object library object, x1f4_lock_lxcast will construct a data implicit convertor from the from data type to the to data type and store its address at convertor_store.

The function together with an object library object may be used an implicit data type convertor constructor for the various interfaces that use such artefacts.

See Application Defined Implicit Conversions.

See Function Converters Set Definition.

The constructed convertor is recorded with the lxcast object library object and destroyed with the library object.

The function returns 0 for success, 1 for the inability to construct a converter, one of the defined error codes for failure.