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extern int x1f4_oset_lxfile
    (void *lxfile, void *file, void *data, void *text, unsigned bits,
     const struct x1f4_sffile_type *sffile);

The x1f4_oset_lxfile function sets the file object for writing, with data and text operating contexts, bits file flags and sffile operating methods. lxfile is expected the file library object for which the file object was created.

See struct x1f4_sffile_type.

See File Library File Flags.

The sffile operating methods will have their first argument of the struct x1f4_cdfile_type layout. The data and text fields of the record will match the data and text operating contexts.

See struct x1f4_cdfile_type.

file is assumed closed.

The function returns 0 for success, one of the defined error codes for failure.

See File Library Errors.