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extern int x1f4_pack_expression
    (void *x1f4_expression, struct x1f4_variable_type *variable, void *value);

The x1f4_pack_expression function replaces the x1f4_expression occurences of the variable indicated by variable with the value read from value. The variable is assumed as having one of the proper intrinsic types. The value is assumed being in concordance with the variable type, i.e. its C type is the C type corresponding the symbolic type.

See Intrinsic Types.

See Symbolic Types.

See C Types.

The function returns 0 for success, non zero for failure.

If the function fails for whatever reason the expression parsed representation is still valid, hence ignoring the result is safe. Nonetheless, the expression parsed representation may be changed by the x1f4_pack_expression execution, even when function fails to complete successfully.