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extern void x1f4_rule_eproxy(struct x1f4_track_type *track_data);

The x1f4_rule_eproxy function sets the methods in the track_data struct x1f4_track_type error reporter definition such as they call their counterparts in a second struct x1f4_track_type definition.

See struct x1f4_track_type.

See Error Reporter Construct.

The second definition is to be found at the address stored at the location indicated by the error reporting context (presumably the data context field in track_data). Effectively, the context pointer passed to the set up methods as the first argument is interpreted as a double struct x1f4_track_type pointer. The thus set up track_data error reporter definition will act as a proxy for the hinted error reporter.

The method fields in the proxied error reporter may be set to NULL, the context pointer is nonetheless expected indicating an accessible struct x1f4_track_type definition.

The line in the set up track_data definition will return 1 if the line field in the proxied error reporter definition is NULL, so that error report generation terminates fast when error reports are not desired.