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extern int x1f4_slip_expression
    (void *x1f4_expression, void *sequence, unsigned clear,
     int *call, void *output, struct x1f4_transfer_type *transfer);

The x1f4_slip_expression function evaluates the x1f4_expression expression, until error, function call or evaluation completion. sequence indicates the sequenced evaluation context, clear how many function calls are not to sequenced - that is, how many are to be evaluated without interrupting expression evaluation. If the expression evaluation is interrupted for function call the int stored at call will be non zero, if for evaluation completion will be zero. In the latter case, the expression evaluation result (if any) will be stored at output.

See Sequenced Expression Evaluation.

See x1f4_link_expression.

transfer will describe the function call for which the expression evaluation was interrupted, if such was the case.

See struct x1f4_transfer_type.

The function returns 0 for success, non zero for failure (the non zero return of the failed function, operator, etc, or one of the error class codes if the failure is internal).

See Error Classes.