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extern int x1f4_type_e4fine
    (void *e4fine, int *type, const struct x1f4_linetext_type *linetext_data);

The x1f4_type_e4fine function maps the function type in the linetext_data definition to a integral symbolic type in the function type mapping context associated with the e4fine function type mapper object and stores the result at the address indicated by type. Only the function (return) type and the type of arguments (and their (reference) flags) in the function definition are used to assemble the function logical type. If a function of the same logical type was mapped before, the function returns the type to which its type was mapped.

See struct x1f4_linetext_type.

The function does not retain a reference to the struct x1f4_linetext_type record at linetext_data (it does make a copy of it for reverse lookup purposes).

The function returns 0 for success, one of the defined error codes for failure.