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6.8 Positional Arguments Access

Function arguments are usually accessed by their names. Alternatively they may be accessed by their positions. There exists function and operator interfaces making the function arguments available by position.

The existing interfaces make available the argument values in a specific type oblivious fashion.

See Type Oblivious Interfaces.

Namely, the argument values are presented as data of a special, boxing type. The type, object, may be introduced by the application. It is also made available by the libaime libraries.

See Object Library.

For such reasons, the positional arguments access are only made available if the object type is described for the procedural programs parser. The temporaries allocator definition is assumed available if the type is described.

See struct x1f4_a1_type.

See Procedural Language Interpreter Generation Flags.

Reference arguments may not be accessed positionally.

See Pass By Reference.

See Procedural Language Syntax.